Marcus Mumford, leader of Mumford and Sons, reveals that he was sexually abused as a child

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Marcus Mumford, frontman of the British folk rock band Mumford and Sons, has revealed he is a survivor of sexual abuse after he was taken advantage of when he was six years old by an individual he preferred not to say.

Speaking to GQ magazine, the 35-year-old musician said: “Like a lot of people – and I’m learning more and more about this as I tell other people – I was sexually abused as a child. family or church, which some people might assume. But I hadn’t told anyone for 30 years.”

Marcus – who is married to actress Carrie Mulligan, with whom he has five-year-old son Wilfred and six-year-old daughter Evelyn – hit “rock bottom” when he finished his ‘Delta’ tour in 2018 with the famous band which has given him international fame.

“I had a lot of people close to me reflecting that something wasn’t right, so I thought it was my responsibility to figure it out.”

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For this reason, the creator of the success ‘Cannibal’, went to therapy and had the “very common” symptom of vomiting during one of the sessions.

“Apparently, it’s very common. Once you basically get rid of denial and start the process of removing some deletions, then it’s very natural for those things to happen. I’ve had trouble breathing all my life. Not asthma, but getting my mind back.” encouragement,” added the music star.

The ‘Little Lion Man’ singer described his experience as a child as the first in a series of truly unusual and unhealthy sexual experiences at a young age. “And for some reason, and I really can’t figure out why, I didn’t become a sexual abuse perpetrator – even though I’ve done my part to not engage in that behavior.”

Until now, Marcus says he has lived between layers of shame, the first of which would have started when he was six years old: “I became kind of addicted to shame, layers and layers of shame, so now I feel like I’ve investigated a lot about it. Some of the areas where I was trying to get rid of that shame only led to more shame. And now, being able to separate them a little bit and, for example, take off the layers, I feel free, freer than I ever had before. I’ve felt in a long time.”

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