Marine Vignes Reveals Hollywood Star Concerned About Nagui’s ‘Little Mytho’

Jonny Hector

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Marine Vignes Reveals Hollywood Star Concerned About Nagui's 'Little Mytho'

On January 14th, 2023, Marine Vignes lit up the internet with her imaginary photomontage that put her side-by-side with Brad Pitt. Both attended the Paris preview of Damien Chazelle’s upcoming film Babylon, however, they did not pose together.

In the caption to go along with the post, Vignes stated, “A little mytho for fun…it never killed anyone! (and my mother will think that I really posed with bradou pittou).” Vignes looked stunning in a Maison 123 skirt, a Michel Ameni t-shirt, Isabel Marant boots, and an HK Vintage bag.

Many people could relate to her humorous post, including the journalist Myriam Seurat who admitted that she would have done the same if she had been in the same situation. We may never know exactly what went down at the preview, but it’s obvious that it didn’t stop Vignes having a bit of fun and a chance to laugh with her fans.

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