Maripier Morin shows his daughter Margot’s new haircut

Raymond McKinnon

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Maripier Morin and her husband, Jean-Philippe Perras, have been little Margot’s parents since last spring, and the mother radiates happiness in the photos she shares on social networks.

Maripier recently shared photos on her page of her little girl’s new haircut, and it’s adorable!

Margot’s back of her head can be seen in the pictures, and her little hair looks so soft!

The mother has fun with her little girl’s hair in the pictures, since it seems difficult to master.

In any case, Maripier seems very happy to spend these beautiful moments in the company of her little girl.

Here are the photos of little Margot’s haircut that Maripier Morin shared on his page. And her little hair looks so soft in photo #3!

Here are all the photos to see below by moving with the arrows under each image:

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