Marvel Just Revealed What Makes Doctor Strange’s New Defenders Special

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Doctor Strange fans who are searching for a way to view the 2016 superhero origin tale have a few choices, but one streaming service may be the best.

Suppose you have not seen these films yet. In that case, this may be a major spoiler: Given his capacity to foresee the future and subsequently, his and his allies’ power to essentially transport heroes to the great climactic fight against Thanos and his army, Doctor Strange, portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch, may have been the most important figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And this is his life’s story.

Prior to it, he was a brusque but accomplished neurosurgeon whose hands and career was damaged in a vehicle accident. However, he discovers new abilities that enable him to bend reality and time, and the rest is history. Rachel McAdams, Tilda Swinton, and Mads Mikkelsen all star in Doctor Strange.

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Doctor Strange’s beginnings and growth

Magicians have long been a comic mainstay. Lee Falk’s Mandrake the Magician debuted in 1934, while Fred Guardineer’s Zatara debuted in Action Comics no. 1 in June 1938. Doctor Strange defied previous comic magicians’ stage conjurer images by combining sorcery with the power of superheroes to create something new.

About new defenders’ special

Doctor Strange and his band of Defenders are tasked with preventing one of the most iconic villains in the Marvel Universe’s history from posing a danger to time itself. The present roster of heroes, like so many previous incarnations of the squad, was put together by destiny — or at the very minimum, the whims of raw, uncontrolled magic. It is the same power that drew them together that has sent them hurtling back through history, and it is what gives them more power than any enemy in the darkest part of the Fifth Cosmos.

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The basis of magic in the Marvel Universe rests in the five elements, as Moridun explains to Carlo Zota in Defenders #3 by Javier Rodriguez, VC’s Joe Caramagna, and Al Ewing. These components, which are all symbolized by different signs, sigils, and colors, are each valuable in their own right, but they create something much larger when combined. On the other hand, the Defenders are a living spell in and of itself, each symbolizing a distinct color of magic that, when united, creates a tremendous rainbow on the battlefield. While the laws of magic govern Moridun, Doctor Strange has permitted it to run wild during his recent adventures.

This wild kind of magic has proved to be what the heroes are required to have in where they were desired the most. It is not for mentioning to create the team they are today in the first place, and it can also free them from the usual restrictions that magic imposes. Even though they are not all sorcerers or mystics, the Defenders have all become magical, which seems to be just what they want and need to destroy Moridun where he originally stands.

Aside from providing the Defenders with an advantage over their present foe, their position as living receptacles for wild magic opens up some unusual options for them. Doctor Strange summoned the heroes to him using the tarot’s power, but fans have already seen Silver Surfer replaced by Taaia after his duty in the Sixth Cosmos was completed. As a result, the rotating roster effect is almost likely to persist as long as the forces of magic consider it essential. With any hope, the magic that has chosen them as their new home will not pull these Defenders into danger.

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What is the best way to watch Doctor Strange?

Signing up for Disney+ is the most apparent answer to your streaming needs. After all, Marvel Studios (along with a large part of the entertainment industry) is owned by Disney, which makes Doctor Strange and his other superhero pals available on a single streaming service.

Disney+ costs $6.99 per month or $69.99 for the whole year. You receive access to rich content, ranging from classic Disney films to Star Wars and The Simpsons, for that price.

Plus, for $13 per month, you can get Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu bundled together. ESPN+ is a supplemental streaming service from the world’s leading sports organization that includes certain live games and programs, while Hulu, of course, has a large selection of TV series and movies.

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