Marvel star Elizabeth Olsen Confirms She and Robbie Arnett ‘Eloped’ and ‘Had a Wedding at Another Time’

Raymond McKinnon

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Elizabeth Olsen (33) got married – not just recently, but some time ago. Like the Marvel star according to a report by the US magazine “People” In a conversation with the radio station Sirius XM has now confirmed that she and her husband Robbie Arnett have given the yes word.

The ceremony took place before the corona pandemic, Olsen confirms. “I just never talked about it,” explains the actress. Apart from that, little is known about the private life of the two, since Olsen and the musician rarely comment on it.

There were rumors as early as 2021

The couple first went public together in 2017. The first rumors about an engagement between the two then circulated in the summer of 2019. About two years later there were indications that the couple had said “yes”. Several sources had told the US magazine Us Weekly that Olsen and Arnett allegedly got married in 2020. In conversation with her fellow actress Kaley Cuoco (36) for the industry magazine “Variety” she had also referred to the musician as her “husband”.

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Olsen is probably best known to many as a Marvel star. She has appeared as the character Scarlet Witch in a number of productions, including the Avengers films and the WandaVision series.

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