Marvel: What We Suspect About The Role Matt Damon Turned Down In The MCU Franchise

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Marvel: What We Suspect About The Role Matt Damon Turned Down In The MCU Franchise

Landing a role in a Marvel movie means potential stardom for up-and-coming actors, renewed popularity for aging veterans, and a big paycheck for anyone willing to don a cool metal suit. But despite Marvel’s impact on the modern movie business, not every actor is willing to don a mask and fight alien armies. In fact, when Marvel went after the celebrities on this list, they all said no thanks.

The eight-year stretch between the X-Men and Iron Man was an interesting period in Marvel history. While some of his movies were praised by critics, like X2: X-Men United and Spider-Man 2, which Roger Ebert called the best superhero movie since 1978’s Superman, there were also flops like Hulk, Elektra and, what most infamous, Daredevil. While Ben Affleck’s movie did well financially, it was trashed by critics. When asked about the film in 2016, the actor replied, “I hate Daredevil.”

However, Ben Affleck could have been spared all that embarrassment if his best friend had accepted the role first. Turns out Matt Damon was offered the role of Daredevil, and it was a pretty tempting deal. Both Damon and Affleck were fans of Daredevil as children, with Damon describing Matt Murdock as “our favorite superhero.” But when he approached the movie star about the project, he was neither impressed with the script nor familiar enough with the director (Mark Steven Johnson).

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“I just tried to divorce my emotion from [eso]Matt Damon explained, but Affleck was “more of an emotional guy” and couldn’t say no. Of course, Ben Affleck has regretted that decision, but the failure of Daredevil inspired him to do his next Daredevil movie “right.” Superheros.

This is why he took on the role of the Caped Crusader in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And while the film was panned by critics, Affleck’s performance received its fair share of praise. Hopefully his next solo Batman movie will put an end to his Daredevil days.

As for Matt Damon, he confessed that he would be willing to put on Matt Murdock’s glasses if Christopher Nolan directed the film. Of course, Nolan is pretty intertwined with the DC Universe, so the chances of the actor espousing those colors are slim, especially since Charlie Cox is already doing a great job on Netflix’s Daredevil series.

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