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Master Gardener

Master Gardener: The thriller’s director and highly anticipated “The Card Counter” is now ready to make their next movie. The Card Counter was just released in the theatres on September 2, 2021, however, the filmmaker is preparing for his next picture and even has chosen the leading parts in the movie. The primary characters were Sigourney Weaver and Joel Edgerton. We can only expect curiosity, eroticism, and surprise from Paul Schrader’s film. It is reported that Master Gardener is following his latest film The Card Counter.

Director Paul Schrader (Cat Peoples, Dominion, First Reformed), who will be directing Joel Edgerton and Sigourney Weaver on the crime thriller, has launched a new movie project called Master Gardener. Schrader is directing from his original screenplay and the tale follows “a careful horticulturist (Edgerton) committed to caring for his employer, the rich dowager, the grounds of a gorgeous house (Weaver). When she demands that she seize her wicked and disturbed big niece, it unleashes dark truths from a violent past buried.” Sounds like a good Edgerton and Weaver project. Both of them are renowned actors and previously collaborated on the Exodus of Ridley Scott: God and Kings.

Master Gardener: Release Date

HanWay Films, who worked on The Card Counter with Schrader, produces Master Gardener claiming that “Master Gardener is the obvious successor of The Card Counter, a wonderful film that will be presented at the Venice Film Festival on 3 September 2021. Character-driven, seductive and surprising, you could anticipate from a Schrader film with plenty of mystery.” A teaser poster has been issued and films will begin early next year.

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It would be too soon for the film to be released, as the cast and the crew still had to begin production for the next thriller. The film is slated to start production in early 2022. And the main photography will be taken at the beginning of next year. The film will be written and directed by Paul Schrader and produced with Amanda Crittenden and Scott LaStaiti by David Gonzales.

The film is executed by the executive producers: Luisa Law, Linda Ujuk, and Dale Roberts. HanWay will be meeting for the second time with the director Paul Schrader, the first time in the movie “The Card Counter.” HanWay said how excited and thankful they are to once again collaborate with one of the best directors.

Master Gardener: The Plot

With Paul Schrader in front of his latest crime drama, you might wonder just what Joel Edgerton and Sigourney Weaver are going to do in the picture. In this respect, Schrader seems to have dreamed of another ethically complex story of passages, presenting volatile collisions, one that ensures that the stars would spend lots of time together.

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As stated in this Deadline post, Edgerton “Master Gardener” will find careful horticulturalists devoted to the cultivation of a luxurious estate. He does it while shamelessly clinging to his employer (Weaver), a wealthy widow who had her late husband’s land. When the widow asks for the gardener to assume his fine niece as an apprentice, dark secrets from the man’s long-entered past start to appear and threaten to rip off his quiet life in strong (and perhaps violent) ways.

With this overview, it should be exciting to see who Schrader tabs the above-mentioned niece character since she certainly will play a significant role in the picture. Whoever landed that certainly wanted a concert, we are officially interested in “Master Gardener;” and this is not enough to arrive at the theatres.

Master Gardener: Cast

Master Gardener features Joel Edgerton and Sigourney Weaver. Shortly, Joel Edgerton and Sigourney Weaver will be united before the camera. The stars of Hollywood have been thrown into a new thriller. Director and screenwriter Paul Schrader (75) found its principal actor in the new film project. As reported lately by “Deadline,” the thrillers of “Master Gardener” were thrown at Joel Edgerton (47, “Warrior,” “The Gift”) and Sigourney Weaver (71, “Alien,” “Avatar”).

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Edgerton should be playing a gardener who faces his dark history in the thriller of crime. In the meantime, Weaver is playing his affluent boss. The character of Edgerton is believed to take Weaver’s rebellious grand-niece as a trainee.

To this day, only the principal roles are played. Joel Edgerton will play the position of the garden man who is committed to his work and is dedicated to the fancy and the decoration of the large estate, whilst the owner of the great estate, Mrs. Haverhill, Sigourney Weaver will take on the role of landlord. Other members of the organization must yet be cast, or if the principal has already cast the other cast, the official announcement of the cast members and their duties may still be necessary.

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