Matt Pokora Overcomes Ego During His Lowest Career Point

Matt Pokora “swallowed his ego” when his career was at its lowest and turned his career around, becoming one of the most successful French pop singers of his time.

With hits like “Juste Une Photo De Toi” and albums such as “MP3” and “Mise À Jour”, Matt Pokora has become a household name in France and beyond. But his success story wasn’t always a smooth ride.

In 2013, when his career hit a low point, Matt Pokora had to rethink his approach to music and start from scratch. He had to work harder, be more patient, and most importantly, he had to “swallow his ego”.

In a recent interview with MSN, he explained how he overcame this tough time in his career: “I had to let go of the idea that I was the best, that I knew everything, and that I could do everything. I had to accept that I could learn from others, that I had to respect their opinions and be open to new ideas.”

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According to Matt, it was this attitude that helped him collaborate with a wider range of musicians and producers, which in turn, led to a more diverse and successful sound. He also learned to trust his instincts and take risks, which paid off with hits like “Le Monde” and “Si Tu Pars”.

Matt Pokora’s success story is proof that sometimes, what it takes to turn your career around is a change in mindset. By “swallowing his ego”, he was able to achieve even greater success and become one of the most beloved artists in France.

So, if you’re at a low point in your career, take a leaf out of Matt Pokora’s book and be open to learning, collaborating, and taking risks. Who knows, it might just be the key to unlocking your own success story.

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