Matt Reeves talks about the importance of Bruce Wayne in the future of ‘The Batman’


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The premiere of ‘The Batman’ has been a success for Warner Bros, in terms of criticism and reception by fans. However, one of the aspects that fans did not like was the presence of Bruce Wayne. Director Matt Reeves now explains his decision and his future for the character.

Robert Pattinson’s performance in ‘The Batman’ was more in the Dark Knight suit than as his alter ego, Bruce Wayne. Although it has not been confirmed that there will be a sequel to the story directed by Matt Reeves, with the success of the film we can expect a second part at some point in the future.

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Director Matt Reeves himself has confessed that he has already contacted executives from Warner and HBO Max for the pre-production of ‘The Batman 2’, and also, in an interview for KCRW’s The Treatment podcast, the creative has shared a little of the ideas he has for Bruce Wayne.

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[Batman] he still doesn’t even understand the advantage that being Bruce Wayne could be another kind of mask. It just isn’t close enough yet to understand how valuable it will be.”

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The director shared that unlike Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan’s films, ‘The Batman’ is not an origin story for the character, and instead focuses on the character’s first year as a defender of Gotham. For this reason, he has commented that the presence of Bruce Wayne in the plot has gone into the background, but in the future he would understand the importance of his alter ego.

Bruce Wayne and the family tragedy in ‘The Batman’

In addition, he compares the tragedy of Bruce Wayne, and his family with others belonging to royalty: “I was interested in the idea that he was at a stage where he could not bear the weight of history, of being part of the Waynes. I thought he could be like a member of the Kennedy family, like American royalty (…) how a lens was put on you because of a family tragedy that you could never escape ”.

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A lot of criticism towards ‘The Batman’ was about the little presence of Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) in the plot, the director explains “I like the idea that he is at this stage of his life, where he was not really seeing that, and not he understood everything that drove him because he was in a kind of emotional free fall”, so, in the possible sequels, or derived series, we could see more of this facet of the protagonist.

At the moment there are no signs of confirmation of the sequel to ‘The Batman’, but according to the words of the film’s producer, the film is expected to arrive in less than the next 5 years, although in the middle of its release, they would arrive the series of ‘The Penguin’ and ‘Arkham Asylum’ to HBO Max.

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