Matthieu Delormeau tackles Celine Dion in TPMP People, Hugo Manos adds (VIDEO)

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Matthieu Delormeau tackles Celine Dion in TPMP People, Hugo Manos adds (VIDEO)

For several months, Celine Dion’s state of health has worried her millions of fans. While her Courage World Tour has been postponed for the first time due to the pandemic, fans of the diva will still have to wait to find her on stage. And for good reason, the dates of his European tour have once again been postponed, as announced by the star on his Instagram account, this Friday, April 29. “I’m so sorry to have to change our plans for the European tour,” she said before saying more about her state of health: “First, we had to move the shows because of the pandemic , now it’s my health issues. I feel a little better. My doctors follow me and I receive treatments, but I still have spasms. I need to be in great shape, in full health to be able to give my 100% on stage for you. Recovery is taking much longer than I thought. I am doing the best I can to be in good shape and know that your many messages of love are part of my medical treatment, it helps me enormously.” The day after this terrible news, Matthieu Delormeau and his columnists reacted on the set of TPMP People. And the ex-host of NRJ12 did not mince words to say what he thought of the famous singer.

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“All his emotions are fake”

At the controls of a new issue of TPMP People, Matthieu Delormeau spoke about his bad experience at a Celine Dion concert in Las Vegas. After confiding that the star had sung in English, the host indicated that she had to perform the title Do not leave me by Jacques Brel. A song that she was not sure of being able to sing to the end, had warned the diva, saying she was very moved. “There, she sings, and after a precise minute and a half, she turns around. She’s crying. Black light. She comes back and she says: ‘I’m sorry, I couldn’t go to the end'”. Invited again to the Celine Dion concert by a friend, two days later, Matthieu Delormeau was surprised to see that the scenario is repeated identically and to the nearest second. “And there you say to yourself, this girl, everything is fake”, he dropped, before the columnist Hugo Manos adds, even accusing the singer of having overplayed her grief at René Angelil’s funeral: “All her emotions are fake. Even at her husband’s funeral, she was not really sad,” swung Laurent Ruquier’s companion.

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This rant from Matthieu Delormeau

This is not the first time that Matthieu Delormeau has tackled the superstar. A few years ago, the facilitator, who never has his tongue in his pocket, had said all the bad things he thought of Celine Dion on the set of TPMP. “She annoys me, she annoys me! She lost her husband, she mourned, that’s very good. But she says: ‘I have fun, I drink, I smoke’. I, who did a show with her, if someone had smoked in the 100 meters around, she would scream. She says, ‘I’m starting to live’, implied with my husband, I wasn’t having fun, I was pissing off. Thanks for the children. Without her husband, she would not be here!”

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