Maximize Your Profit with Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Treasure and Gemstone Combinations Guide

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Resident Evil 4 Remake: The Guide to Gemstones and Treasure Hunting

Looking back from the end of Resident Evil 4, there’s one big tip that becomes apparent for players: Do not sell your gemstones! In the game’s economy, The Merchant serves as the central banker, buying and selling treasure and gemstones. However, you can gain vastly increased pesetas by combining these items, making it worth saving your gemstones until you have a treasure in which you can inlay them.

How to Get the Most Valuable Gem/Treasure Combos

To get the best value for your gemstones, know which color combinations to use when inlaying them in treasure. Find a treasure that you can inlay gemstones in and bring up a menu that shows the best color combinations. Using multicolored gems, all gems of one color, or pairs, and triplets can result in bonuses of up to 2x the value of the original treasure. Yellow round gems and red rectangular gems are the most valuable.

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For the highest value, inlay two yellows and three reds in crown treasures. This Elegant Crown and gem combo is the most valuable treasure in RE4 Remake.

Additional Treasure Hunting Tips

The most valuable treasures are the Elegant Crowns, which trigger the Achievement/Trophy Astute Appraiser – Sell a single treasure for 100,000 pesetas. Spinel cannot be inlaid but is instead used to buy special items from The Merchant, so don’t sell these! Consider purchasing treasure maps, which reveal both treasure and some gem locations.

The Splendid Bangle in Chapter 15’s Specimen Storage is the last socketed treasure you can inlay in Resident Evil 4. After this, you can freely sell your remaining gems.

Enemies drop gems only if they die in an accessible place. Shooting bugs that are flying above pits or dumping the Gigantes into the lava in that particular boss fight means you won’t get the loot. Enemies that drop gems include Novistadors, which randomly drop Sapphires; Armadura, which always drop Spinel; and minibosses like Brutes or Chainsaw Villagers, which always drop a gem.

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In conclusion, hold on to your gemstones, and good luck treasure hunting in Resident Evil 4 Remake! For the full list of treasure locations, check this out, and for a walkthrough showing where all the treasures are, in order, maps included, play along with our walkthrough. And for the many awesome weapons you can purchase with your treasure loot, head over here.

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