Mayans MC: Season 4 confirms a new character that this popular actor will play

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Mayans MC: Season 4 confirms a new character that this popular actor will play

Mayans MC Season 4 is keeping many fans on their toes following the production issues the show has been facing for a while now. However, creator/executive producer Elgin James has revealed some big news for viewers who have seen the latest trailer, which will include a very familiar cast face.

The crime drama show Mayans MC, created by Kurt Sutter and Elgin James, premiered on the FX television network in 2018 and served as a spin-off from the hit show in the same universe, Sons of Anarchy, which ended with its seventh season in the year. 2014 by the same creator.

Mayans MC follows the rivals turned allies of the Sons and the struggles of member Ezekial Reyes, played by JD Pardo. Although Sutter’s departure in 2019 put the series’ fate in the balance, the largely positive reactions and steady viewership numbers resulted in multiple renewals, with the Mayans MC season 4 premiere on April 19, 2019. 2022.

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For that reason, Elgin James has confirmed that Good Girls star Manny Montana will be joining Mayans MC Season 4. Montana will join Pardo, along with other series regulars Clayton Cardenas, Sarah Bolger, Michael Irby, Carla Baratta, Richard Cabral, Danny Pino and Edward James Olmos.

Although the creator/executive producer didn’t reveal much about the character of Manny Montana, he did note that he is part of the Yuma Mayans and will cause some trouble between all the rival groups. With season 4 premiering consecutive episodes, the actor will make his first appearance in the second, which will be titled “Anthem Among the Ruins,” and a small hint has already been shown in the trailer.

Recall that following the death of former Sons member Allesandro Montez (Jacob Vargas), the two motorcycle clubs find themselves at loggerheads again, which means Mayans MC Season 4 will bring an imminent war following escalating conflicts.

However, it will be interesting to see how Montana’s character is introduced and if his role revolves more around the club itself or the battle with the Sons of Anarchy. The Mayans MC season 4 premiere will be this April 19 on the FX television network and the Hulu platform.

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