Medical drama says goodbye, ‘New Amsterdam’ season 5 will be the last of the series


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Although series about medicine and dramas in hospitals are very successful, nothing and no one can ensure that a new project will become a phenomenon like ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ or ‘ER’, which have conquered the public with many seasons, and despite that ‘New Amsterdam’ was beginning to become very famous, will soon come to an end in season 5.

Currently season 4 of ‘New Amsterdam’ is broadcast on US television, with a total of 22 episodes, of which 10 are already available in the Star+ catalog for all of Mexico and Latin America, while the second half will be presented eventually on the digital platform.

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Sadly for the fans of this famous medical drama, the story will not last much longer because according to Variety, season 5 will be the last to come to television, so very soon we will have to say goodbye to this popular medical drama that will close your story forever.

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We are very proud of this series and are indebted to everyone involved in bringing ‘New Amsterdam’ to life. Bravo!” said Universal TV president Erin Underhill.

It is well known in the world of television series and streaming platforms that stories are not forever and just as everything has a beginning, its end will eventually be presented, and this time it is time for ‘New Amsterdam’ although it is still There is a long way to go for this, because it does not even have a release date.

Season 4 of ‘New Amsterdam’ will finish broadcasting its episodes on television on May 24, so it won’t take long to be available on Star+ for the Latin American audience, while the fifth and final part of the story could have its premiere in late 2022 or early 2023.

In addition to being the last, season 5 of ‘New Amsterdam’ will be very short

Unfortunately, the bad news continues to arrive for the fans of ‘New Amsterdam’, as Variety has also reported that this fifth part of the medical drama will not only be the last in history, but will also be much shorter than the previous ones. so it will be simply to say goodbye to his fans.

The seasons of ‘New Amsterdam’, like other medical dramas, usually have several episodes, approximately 20. But to say goodbye to its audience, the fifth and last will only have 13 episodes, so it will be much shorter than others and It will tell the outcome of the story set in the hospital where hundreds of impressive cases have occurred.

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