Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly: Making Love and Work Flourish

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Megan Fox ‘puts Machine Gun Kelly to work so their couple…

Megan Fox and her new beau Machine Gun Kelly have become one of the hottest couples of 2020. The dynamic duo has been turning heads since they started dating earlier this year, and they have been giving fans a glimpse into their romance on social media.

What has caught the attention of many followers is how Megan is making the most out of their relationship. According to sources, Megan has been putting her man to work.

Megan seems to be taking inspiration from her husband Brian Austin Green, who she was married to for ten years before separating earlier this year. Brian is known for his handyman skills, and it seems that Megan is making sure that Machine Gun Kelly is following the same path.

The source says that Megan has been giving Machine Gun Kelly a lot of DIY jobs to do around the house. “She’s found all these little things for him to do and fix. She’s loving having him around, not just for his company, but for his handiness too,” they said.

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Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, is not just a talented musician, but he’s also proven to be a skilled handyman. He’s been busy fixing things around the house and has even helped Megan with some of her DIY projects.

It seems that Megan and Machine Gun Kelly are more than just a couple, they are also making the most of their talents and skills to create a happy and comfortable home together. Fans can’t help but admire their relationship and how they are working together to make it work.

As Megan and Machine Gun Kelly’s romance continues to blossom, their fans can’t wait to see what they will accomplish together, both in their personal lives and careers. One thing is for sure, this couple is not afraid to get their hands dirty to create something beautiful together.

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