Mexican actress survived the pandemic by selling her underwear online

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The health crisis resulting from COVID-19 has caused serious havoc at a general level but also in particular. In the world of entertainment, many artists had to look for new ways to generate income, as is the case of the Mexican presenter and actress Sugey Ábrego, who when she contracted the virus, had to stop her work activities.

As the interpreter herself told the media on the red carpet of the premiere of the play, ‘I am looking for the man of my dreams, husband I already had’, the infection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus caused a great impact on her economy, which forced her to manage to create her own source of income.

That’s how the TV presenter came up with the idea of selling her used underwear online, a business that, she said, has given her very good profits and with it she has been able to face the damages of the disease.

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“I thank my business of selling the clothes I wear, because that has kept me going, before and after I’m sick,” Sugey told reporters.

The 43-year-old model also specified the price at which she sells each garment she wears: “So I can tell you that it is a great business, I sell them for 150 dollars and the most surprising thing is that they do buy them from me. Then I can tell you that I smell very rich.”

The star of projects such as ‘La rosa de Guadalupe’ and ‘Enamorme de Ramón’ has created a strategy to sell her intimate garments in other corners of the world.

This is how he described it: “Everything is a marketing strategy, every Monday on my VIP page I do a live in lingerie, and the garment that I wear in that live that subscribers see, is the one they can acquire. I already have followers from India, so, well, when they tell me ‘hey, your breeches are expensive’, because we also have to think that they go to India or to Colombia. “

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In addition to creating an extra revenue stream with online sales, Sugey Ábrego has gained exposure on adult content platforms that has allowed her to gain stakes in other television and theater projects.

“I have a lot of young followers from 25 to 34 years old, who suddenly say to me ‘What? Are you a driver, where can I see you?’, then, it is father that other generations are looking for me, but that it is because of this platform, then I only hope that the producers also talk to me, “he concluded.

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