Mia Khalifa chooses her three favorite footballers in history

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Mia Khalifa has always shown in her public appearances that she is a great fan of sports and especially football. The 29-year-old also revealed her passion for the Premier League, but despite having Lebanese origins her favorite team is West Ham.

The last public appearance that the socialite has had has been on a YouTube channel AFTV, in which she had a pleasant chat with its founder and presenter Robbie Lyle. In this conversation, Khalifa revealed who is his favorite footballers in history.

David Beckham

The former PornHub star thought through his answer and did not choose badly in his first choice since he chose the English footballer and Manchester United legend, David Beckham. “First of all I have to say Becks because I’m a girl,” Khalifa said.

“I have already made it clear who my favorite player is, if I have to put a second option I would choose Zinedine Zidane. Seeing the things he did on the field was something incredible and especially when you saw him live. He has been one of the best players who has stepped on the pitch without a doubt, “said Mia.

He also wanted to remember the famous moment of the French midfielder in the final of the 2006 World Cup in Germany, when he headbutted Materazzi: “I love the violence and hatred that there is to failure in football. That header was the best of all time,” the socialite added.

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To complete the podium of his players, he surprisingly included Celtic midfielder Aaron Mooy who has recently had an outstanding performance with Australia at the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

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