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Mia Malkova

Mai Malkova is recognized as an adult film actress and also a Twitch streamer alongside she has a very interactive OnlyFans account for the users. The actress was nominated and awarded for the Best New Starlet Award and is a part of the adult film industry for ten years.

In today’s article we will get to know about Mia Malkova’s net worth and how has the actress gained such huge recognition in the film industry along with some more information about her early life and career. So keep reading this article is you want to know more about the famous adult actress.

Net Worth 

Mia Malkova is an American film actress. Mia Malkova has found success as a Twitch streamer and OnlyFans content creator.  Mia Malkova has received many awards and has been in the adult entertainment business for ten years.  As of now, in 2022, Mia Malkova estimated net worth is around $6.7 million. Mia Malkova’s source of income is her career in the adult entertainment industry. 

Early life

Mia Malkova was born on July 1, 1992, in palm springs, California. Malkova is descended from Irish, french, german, and Canadian ancestors, along with three brothers. She grew with them. One of them. James hunt is also an adult entertainer. When Mia Malkova was three years old, her father passed away.

She spent her childhood with her mom and stepfather until she was 15. Mia Malkova worked in the fast food industry before she entered the entertainment industry. However, when Mia turned 18 years old, she got her first job in mc Donald’s, and then later, she worked as a sizzler. Eli tucker, an AV film director and photographer, is dating mia Malkova. 

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Adult Entertainment Career 

Mia’s close friend Natasha Malkova exposed her to the adult business. In 2012, the internet saw the debut of Mia Malkova. Malkova was 19 years old at this time. Mia bliss, Jessica, and Madison swan were alternate aliases she used.  Firms employed by Mia Malkova were Brazzers, digital playgrounds, Jules Jordan videos, naughty America, and girlfriend films.

Mia Malkova is the subject of the 2018 documentary god, sex, and truth, which explores the beauty of women’s sexuality. Mia Malkova has more than 150 acting credits in her account. In the industry, very few people manage to reach here, and Mia Malkova was one of them.

Mia Malkova began her adult career in 2012. In December 2012, mia Malkova named Twistys treat of the month of the year. It is said that mia Malkova will earn a large sum in the upcoming years. Mia is an adult film actress. She had roles in the movie Don Jon and the tv series Dirty Santa.

The current estimation of Mia is $397,440, while in 2021, Mia’s earnings were approximately $373,440, and in 2020, her earnings were $343,706. According to the research, Mia Malkova’s salary was $329,958 in 2019, and in 2018 it was $306,861. Mia Malkova first began performing in explicit hardcore movies in 2012. Among many notable companies. When she was 15 years old, she noticed that she was very different from other women.

Boys first mocked her about her body features, and after that, slowly, she eventually learned to accept them.  Mia Malkova entered the pornographic profession after her boyfriend persuaded her to a movie scene with him. There was a piece of news earlier, Mia Malkova and her boyfriend Eli tucker purchased a castle in Portland, Oregon.

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Mia Malkova is very active on her social media account. People who want to know about her activities and learn more about her activities follow her on their social media platforms. Mia Malkova worked with many prominent companies. She was a shy little when she was younger, but around 12, she was very interested in the AV industry.

Live Streaming Career

After a decade of Mia’s first career, she decided to dive into live streaming. Mia has been working on twitch, occasionally uploading her vlogs on her YouTube channel. This part is also her source of income.  Melisa has announced in a short film that she plans to perform in adult films in the coming years. 

Mia Malkova has 634,000 followers on twitch and 183,000 followers on YouTube. She has many subscribers and then collaborated with famous influencers like mizkif, codemiko, and alinity.


Mia Malkova is a full-time streamer and has revealed that her only fans are her most profitable venture. Fans can make direct access to Mia Malkova, and then they can pay her directly $9.9 for the request. She has almost 40,000 subscribers in her account.

In a documentary with Louis Theroux, she revealed that she makes $150,000 to $200,000 per month from only fans.  It is more than she can get from any other adult film. 

Personal Life 

Mia Malkova got married to Dany mountain when she was 29 years old. Dany mountain was an adult performer in 2014. Unfortunately, things were not getting right, and then they separated from each other. Mia divorced Dany, and now she is single. She has purchased a $3.9 million castle, and Mia intends to use it daily and for the photoshoots.

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It is six acres wide and is located in Portland, Oregon.  Mia is very famous for her work and the talent she has. Mia Malkova is paid $10,000 for one scene in the entertainment industry. Her annual salary is $1.1 million per year. Malkova height is 174cm.

Awards and Recognition

 As we know, Mia Malkova has reached more than 170 acting credits. Because of her acting credits, she was awarded numerous honors and nominations.  Among them are Twistys treat of the month in 2012, twisty treat of the year in 2013, the AVN award for the best new starlet in 2014, and the XBIZ award for best actor award. 


Hyderabad polis questioned ram Gopal Varma about the film because he insulted the modesty of a woman. Raj Gopal Varma, the filmmaker, made many controversial movies with American star mia Malkova. And the movie was nearly about three and a half hours.

Mia Malkova was the main actor in this movie, and even the critics questioned her about the film title. Women’s organizations in Telangana started protesting against the movie. And seeing this, the filmmaker raj Gopal Varma was booked under section 67 of the information technology act, 2000.

Varma released the film on the web. The main motive for releasing the movie was to avoid certification by authorities and that this movie was portraying women as sex objects and that was promoting pornography. 

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