Michael B. Jordan As Superman! Here’s What We Know

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Michael B. Jordan still does not know if it will be Superman: “I’m going to see them coming”

The ‘Creed’ and ‘Black Panther’ actor sounds like a candidate to be the last son of Krypton in the film that Ta-Nehisi Coates writes for Warner and JJ Abrams.

What is life: there may be fans of Henry Cavill struggling to restore his mustache to the Superman of Henry Cavill, but right now, the most pressing question is what the next performer of the last son of Krypton. Now that acclaimed writer Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing a new movie for Warner (with JJ Abrams as producer), it’s time to speculate on the candidates. And one of them is Michael B. Jordan, who now premieres No Regrets.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the idea of becoming Clark Kent has tempted Jordan since 2019, when he wanted to launch a new Superman movie after signing a contract with Warner. Right now, however, he’s not sure he’s going to be the one to star in.

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“In DC they have been smart catching Ta-Nehisi to go ahead with this project. He has a lot of talent. It will be worth it,” he says. But, as regards her possible involvement, she claims to know nothing: “I am flattered that people mention me when talking about the subject. It is a compliment, of course, but in this case, I am to see them coming.”

For now, we have hardly any clues about what this new Superman movie could look like. Coates has called the commission “an honor,” while JJ Abrams promises a “new, powerful and moving” story. It remains to be seen what role the film plays in the foreseeable restructuring of the DC Cinematic Universe.

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