Michael B Jordan Shares The Story Of His ‘Star Wars’ Audition

Farwa Raza

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Michael B. Jordan has spoken of his disastrous audition for Star Wars in front of director JJ Abrams which he defines as “My worst to date”.

Michael B. Jordan has appeared in a good number of successful franchises, such as Creed or Black Panther, and right now he is in full promotion of No Regrets for Prime Video. The American actor has a string of enviable credits behind him, but recently he has spoken about his failed audition to appear in Star Wars and how he considers it the worst of his career.

Back in 2013, Jordan did the casting to be part of Episode VII: The Force Awakens in front of JJAbrams, and as you know, he didn’t get the role. “I think I could not focus because when you are reading for these kinds of projects of such a high level, there is nothing specific,” explained the actor in an interview with Variety. “Everything is super vague, everything is secret. When reading, I could not connect with it, and of course, I screwed up but fine.”

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Something similar already happened to Tom Holland, who also confessed to having gone through the casting process to play Finn, a role that John Boyega eventually won. As the two actors have explained, the security measures to prevent any leakage of the story were enormous, with no names or little context about what was happening at the scene.

Jordan confessed to leaving the audition knowing that they would not call him, as he considers it “probably my worst to date”. Over time, the actor has become a part of major productions, with No Regrets looming as a potential action franchise on Prime. Of course, with all the Star Wars titles that are ahead, it should not be ruled out that over time the actor will be part of the franchise, although in a different way than his attempt 8 years ago.

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