Michael Bay reveals what was the biggest fear of his career and it has to do with a great actor


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Michael Bay throughout his career has given the public explosive and memorable scenes with his action films. Bay has worked with A-list stars in his more than two decades in the director’s chair. His movies have made huge amounts of money at the box office. Given all this, it’s hard to think that the director has dealt with fear or insecurities, but he is a human being. Bay revealed that his biggest fear of him had a first and last name: Sir Sean Connery.

The director started in the action genre with Bad Boys in 1995 and a year later came one of his most acclaimed films, The Rock. This film told how a group of soldiers took Alcatraz prison together with a group of tourists. These former war fighters are demanding restitution after their country abandoned them and are threatening to decimate San Francisco using a powerful nerve gas. In order to rescue the hostages and stop the attack, the government decides to put together a special operations group and add a mysterious man named John Patrick Mason (Connery), known to have escaped from Alcatraz, to guide the mission. In addition to Connery, The Rock featured performances by Nicolas Cage, Ed Harris, Michael Biehn, among others.

The film was a complete success, receiving positive reviews from the specialized press and the general public, without forgetting the substantial collection it achieved during its time on the big screen. Now, more than two decades after this story, Bay acknowledged that he faced the greatest fear of his career when he had to direct whoever was the first James Bond of the cinema.

The Collider site interviewed Bay as part of his latest film Ambulance. During the talk the topic of fears came up and the director acknowledged the dread he felt directing Sir Sean. According to Michael, on the first day he couldn’t speak to the Scottish actor, mainly because Connery was known to be called the “director eater.” However, as the days of filming passed, the fear gave way so that both finally became friends.

“I was so afraid to give him his first address. So we do a take. Okay, let’s do it again. Do a second take. I’m like, oh my god, I have to give her some direction. right now. “Um, Sean, can you make that any less charming?” He says, “Sure boy. Sure boy.” So my name on the set was “Chico” (Boy). And he is a devourer of directors”, recalled with humor Bay. “I learned a lot from that man. And he really taught me a lot. He was a real, real movie star and a consummate worker,” he concluded.

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If you want to relive this iconic action movie, The Rock is available on Disney+ for Spain and on Star+ for Latin America.

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