Michael Bay talked about superhero movies and what it would take for him to direct one


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Superhero movies have become the most successful genre at the box office in recent times. Just as there are thousands of fans who love this genre, it has also caused a lot of detractors.

In recent times, many directors have spoken out for and against superhero movies. One of the most recent to speak out on the matter is Michael Bay, the renowned director of films such as Transformers or Bad Boys.

There is no doubt that Bay would be a great director to direct a feature film of the genre, but the obvious question is what Bay thinks of this type of production.

In the midst of promoting Ambulance, his new action thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Eiza González, the filmmaker gave his take on superhero movies and revealed if he would direct any. Bay assured that the Marvel movies are interesting to him, but that it would be something that he would only do on his own terms.

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“It’s not that I’m not interested in Marvel. As Ridley Scott says, the hardest thing for a director and the most fun for a director is building the world. I’m not the type to go direct Lucas’ Star Wars and make Star Wars 5. That’s not me. I’m not the one to go in and do Iron Man 7. I’m not the one to do Batman 10. I want to do my own thing. I’d love to do some superhero stuff, but I want to do it on my own terms and create my own world. Bay said.

As he explains it, the director wants to create something from scratch and not direct a sequel to something already put together. Considering that Marvel and DC have new projects on their horizon, it could be an alternative for the director.

His recent film, Ambulance had an austere budget of 40 million dollars and has grossed 18 million at the international box office, since it opens in the United States on April 8.

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