Michel Gondry discusses his break from filmmaking since 2015

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Michel Gondry explains his absence from cinema since 2015

Michel Gondry, the French filmmaker known for his visually stunning and imaginative works, has been absent from the cinema scene since his last film “Microbe & Gasoline” in 2015. In a recent interview with MSN, Gondry shed light on why he hasn’t made a film in six years.

Gondry explained that after the release of “Microbe & Gasoline,” he received several offers to direct mainstream movies, but he turned them down because he felt like they were not in line with his artistic vision. He said, “I was offered to make movies about superheroes, but I don’t understand that world. I want to work with my own ideas and my own stories.”

Instead, Gondry focused on other creative projects such as music videos, commercials, and a 2018 documentary about the band The White Stripes. He also worked on personal art projects, including a virtual art exhibit that was showcased at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo.

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Gondry acknowledged that the pandemic has made it difficult to work on film projects, but he’s still optimistic about the future. He said, “I’m looking forward to making a film again, but it has to be something that inspires me and that has a message that I want to share with the world.”

Fans of Gondry’s unique and whimsical style can take comfort in knowing that the director is still as creative as ever. While we may have to wait a little longer for his next film, we can enjoy his other artistic endeavors in the meantime.

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