Michelle Pfeiffer close to becoming Catwoman again


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There are roles that mark and define an actor’s career forever, as is the case of Michelle Pfeiffer with Catwoman.

With an impeccable career in cinema, the actress was encouraged to dress in latex for “Batman Returns” in 1992 without even suspecting that this role would change her life forever by bringing her closer to a much younger audience and a fan of superheroes who deify and They follow the actors and actresses who put themselves in the shoes of their favorite characters.

30 years after the premiere of Tim Burton’s classic and in full press tour for “The First Lady”, a Paramount Plus series in which she plays Betty Ford, Michelle Pfeiffer spoke with The Hollywood Reporter and confessed that she does not rule out the possibility of reprise the character from DC Comics.

“She pulled off the almost impossible combination of sexy, wry, tragic, dangerous and just plain good. Of course she would put me in her shoes again, although depending on the context; but yes, she would consider it, ”said the actress.

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At 64, Pfeiffer is super active in the industry with several projects in the pipeline such as “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania”, which will hit theaters in 2023, and which have her back in the superhero universe, but across the street: Marvel. Here she plays Janet Van Dyne / Wasp, a role in which she was already seen in previous installments of the franchise starring Paul Rudd.

Added to the desire of the actress to dress again as Catwoman, Michael Keaton returned to wear the Batman suit. Are we close to an expected reunion of both performers on screen and as DC characters? I hope so…

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