Michelle Salas can’t even move after her accident

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Michelle Salas can't even move after her accident

He’s not having a good time these days Michelle Salas. The Mexican model revealed that a few weeks ago she had a spectacular accident while skiing in Vail, Colorado, in which she unfortunately ruptured the ligaments in her right knee. After keeping complete rest for two weeks on medical advice, the daughter of Stephanie Salas Y Luis Miguel She underwent an operation on Tuesday and just returned to social networks to give details of what happened and the recovery process.

The beautiful young woman acknowledged that she has had a “very, very bad time” because the ligament tear is very painful and now that she has regained a little strength, she shared with her followers details of the accident and the operation. Michelle Salas continues to have complete rest because she cannot “even move to go to the bathroom” while she continues her recovery process.

Michelle Salas had a serious accident on a ski trip.

She had to undergo surgery this week after resting for several days.

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The 31-year-old model explained that the accident took place two weeks ago. Doctors asked him to rest for two weeks so that his knee deflated before undergoing a delicate surgery, which was completed on Tuesday.

Michelle Salas cannot even move after the operation.

Through her Instagram Stories, Luis Miguel’s daughter shared with her followers several images in which she appears lying on the sofa with her leg bandaged up while watching television. These are days of few movements for a young woman who is used to walking all day from top to bottom.

The model continues to recover at home.

“I was hospitalized for two days. I had a very, very bad time, in my case the surgery was spectacular, but it was very difficult and very painful and I completely disconnected,” said Michelle Salas in this video that she shared with her fans on your Instagram Stories. I can’t stand up alone to go to the bathroom or get a glass of water, “she added.

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