Mickey Rourke Labels MCU A ‘TRASH’

Farwa Raza

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Mickey Rourke makes it clear that he is not exactly a fan of Marvel movies after describing productions based on Marvel comics as “garbage”.

Many of you surely know that Mickey Rourke was not particularly happy after his participation in Iron Man 2. The actor played Ivan Vanko (Whiplash) in the film starring Robert Downey Jr. and directed by Jon Favreau, but the fact that “quite a bit of footage” of his character was cut in the editing room raised his anger at Marvel Studios. something that he drops from time to time, even out of the blue.

Well, that has been the recent case that has occurred on Rourke’s Instagram account, where the actor has published a post to express his unconditional love for Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, a series that he has just discovered “thank you “to confinement.

After extolling the virtues of the detective series, Rourke lived up to his character from Iron Man 2 and whipped Marvel at Marvel, calling his films “absolute rubbish.”The actor had just been nominated for an Oscar for The Fighter when he participated in the sequel to Iron Man and remains convinced that his character deserved more minutes on screen.

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Although Mickey Rourke could be right and that his character improved with more minutes in Iron Man 2, it must be said that the actor likes a controversy more than doing weights in his living room. In any case, whether Rourke likes it or not, the MCU has raised more than $ 20 billion, and phase 4 is likely to greatly expand that sum.

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