Millie Bobby Brown Finally Revealed The Reason For Her Unexpected Departure From TikTok

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  • Millie Bobby Brown has returned to talk about her sudden departure from TikTok, which left all her followers on the social network baffled.
  • The 17-year-old actress deleted her profile after an incident she suffered in December last year with a fan on the street while she was doing Christmas shopping with her mother.
  • At that moment, the fan insisted on recording the protagonist of “Stranger Things” with her phone, even when she asked her not to.

Before retiring from TikTok, the British star wrote: “Realizing that listening to yourself positively is the happiest way to live. Without hate and only with love, remember to be kind. Thanks”. His retirement took many people by surprise and, most recently, during an interview with MTV News to promote “Godzilla vs. Kong ”, Millie revived the issue and assured that she has not considered returning to that platform.

“I really focused on positive environments,” Bobby Brown said when asked about her disappearance from the app. «I believe that you are a product of that environment. So when you have good people around you, you will be a good person. You learn from those people, from their wisdom. I was lucky to share moments with people who are incredible, like my parents and also people from the industry, “he explained.

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The star of “Enola Holmes” from Netflix revealed that “when I was in that social network (TikTok) was generating a lot of hatred. I just felt like I didn’t want to be a part of something that was enjoying that. So I had to leave and I felt good because I didn’t want to be a cyberbullying advocate and be part of something that enjoys that. ” At the moment, Bobby only owns Instagram, where he has 44.5 million followers and an abandoned Twitter account with 653 thousand followers.

In March, it was believed that Millie had returned to the social network after sharing a video on Instagram doing one of the dances that have become a trend on the platform. However, he clarified that this post was made from the account of his partner Noah Schnapp. «I love dances, but I don’t like the application itself. Noah told me to make the video and I said, ‘Okay, let’s do it,’ “he reflected.

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