Mina Starsiak And Husband, Steve Hawk, What They Do for a Living?

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Since the year 2016, both the mother and daughter duo Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak have been renovating the great homes in Indianapolis. The two got the series after forming a famous home renovation business named Two Chicks and a Hammer INC.

The hit design series is now in its sixth season and even though Karen has taken a step back from the business, she still has a good presence in Good Bones. Much of the appeal of the series is that the renovations are always family affair for them. They altogether like Mina’s half-brother land Iad Starsiak leads the demolition team and his stepfather Lenny also works as a foreman and many more things.

Though he is not part of the family business, Mina’s husband, Steve Hawk has made many cameos on the show. Both of them are parents of two adorable kids Charlotte and Jack.

What does Steve Hawk do for a living?

Mina Starsiak And Husband, Steve Hawk, What They Do for a Living?
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Now, what does Steve Hawk do for a living when he is not appearing on Good Bones. The answer is he is involved in his bride’s business, Two Chicks, and a Hammer, Inc.. He has also assisted Karen and Mina with buying the houses that ultimately have two flips.
According to his Instagram Bio: he is an account executive with CoStar Group, a commercial property company. In his spare time, he is a successful competitive eater, which he has chronicled on his Instagram page.

Steve Hawk and Mina Starsiak Story

Mina and Steve first connected with each other through Facebook and Mina were struck by how handsome and smart she want Steve. When they attended a basketball game together with other fellow friends, the spark was not exactly there.

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She said in her statement: “He ignored me all night. He let his friend hit on me!”

After the game, Mina texted her future husband to give him one more chance. then they started dating each other. in fact they even broke up for a while but decided to get back together. Karen said: the only thing I said to him was ‘Don’t ever hurt her again because you’ll have me [to deal with].’

Mina Starsiak And Husband, Steve Hawk, What They Do for a Living?
Image Source: Country Living

The couple then got married in June 2016 and welcomed son Jack in the summer of 2018 and daughter Charlotte in September 2020. Mina also discussed her and Steve’s journey to conceive (IVF) and Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) with Charlotte.

As of now both of them are leading with a happy family and we really hope it continues without any issues.

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