Minerva University: The Best Opportunity for Students to Study and Travel

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Minerva University: The Best Opportunity for Students to Study and Travel

The idea of education differs from one institution to another but every institution and individual will tell you that it is an enlightening experience. It is the process of absorbing the ideas and moulding your thought process according to the ideas received is what education is all about. While institutional education is the primary source of it, travelling and interacting with various kinds of people also makes a part of it. Travelling is very much linked to education because one cannot go a long way only on bookish knowledge. Having a clear practical picture of the world and its affairs is also crucial. It also helps in higher education because it aids your research and polishes your analytical faculties. And if you can have that first hand, nothing like it!

Minerva University: The Best Opportunity for Students to Study and Travel

Minerva University provides opportunities for students to study and travel at the same time. Thus university treats the entire world as a campus and students are taken to different countries in the course of their degree. It is quite an unconventional method of teaching but indeed very effective. It helps students to break the shackles of concrete walls and geographical boundaries and perceive the world in a way that is impossible to do in a classroom. There are several ways today to help one in studies. For example, a student who is not good at a particular subject but aims to better it can get online help like teachers and materials, or a student who requires help to write an essay can easily receive assignment helper services on the internet no matter what country you are in. But, the experience that one achieves from travelling and interacting comes only first hand.

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In this article, we are going to talk about a very unique system that Minerva University follows in imparting education to its students.

The History of Minerva University

Minerva University is the most selective university that allows a very selective number of students. The Minerva university program was founded by Ben Nelson in the year 2012 with the aim of bringing about a revolution in the field of higher studies. In the first year, Minerva received 25,000 applications and only 2% of those were accepted. This gave it the tag of being the world’s most selective degree program.

Minerva University: The Best Opportunity for Students to Study and Travel

How Does Minerva University Operate?

The university indeed has an unusual curriculum and it is not a result of eccentricity but a calculated thought of the founder. Ben Nelson said, “I realized that colleges were fundamentally failing in their promise to educate… A liberal arts education is supposed to teach students to think freely, critically, and logically. But our elite universities no longer do that at all.”

The university does not have a fixed campus as students are transferred to a different country each semester to gain an overall international study experience. The subjects that are given a lot of importance at this particular institution are problem-solving, critical things, etc. This helps the young minds grow into a truer and more intelligent version of themselves. They believe in an empirical form of education that comes from experience. Thus, the subjects, courses, and exam patterns also differ. ‘Empirical analyses’, ‘complex systems’, ‘multimodal communications’ are some of the classes taken at this university.

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Like we already mentioned, it does not have a campus per se, and students are housed in the residence halls of the particular country they are in. Each semester takes place in a different country. The university aims to cover countries like San Francisco, Hyderabad, Seoul, Buenos Aires, London, Berlin, and Taipei.

The Success Rate of Students at Minerva University

Almost every conventional school, college, and the university was skeptical of the system of education given at Minerva University. People found it difficult to come out of the traditional learning process and embrace a new course and unconventional subjects. But over time, the university proved its worth by producing successful students right from the first year.

Minerva’s first class of students graduated in the year 2019 and out of 103 students, 94% were in full-time graduate programs or positions within a mere time of six months. About 16% landed jobs in the technology sectors and graduates have secured their places in prestigious companies such as Twitter, Razor Labs, and Google.

Minerva University: The Best Opportunity for Students to Study and Travel

The Advantages of Studying in Universities like Minerva

A lot of advantages arise from studying in a university that allows you to travel the world and Minerva is one such institution. Let us see how an education system like this one can impact the students.

  • You derive your grades based not only on your learning skills but also your perception skills. It helps you build a better perception of the world and present situation.
  • Having such an institution in the West will make its students more sensitive to other communities and races as they have the chance of communicating with people from all over the world. It will help us build a better place in the world for students who will not be rooted in a particular city or country and will begin to think of the entire world as a home.
  • Students get a better placement as only the best students are filtered and admitted.
  • Even if you are doing online studying, (pandemic situation) you have teachers from different parts of the world to help you cope with the condition.
  • You get to read different courses and subjects.
  • It helps the students to better research on international learning than they could from within a single campus.
  • Instead of bunding yourself to books, you can experience the world first hand and derive true lessons from it.  
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Having a different education can be a good chance for you. It is predicted that in the future a lot of other ventures will come up that will replace elite universities and take on the form of travelling ones to eradicate physical boundaries in the learning system. However, if you wish to get enrolled in Minerva University, make sure that you do your preparation really well as the competition is scary. 

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