Mission Impossible 7: Tom Cruise Rescues Camera Man From On-Set Accident

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At this point, Tom Cruise’s recklessness has become a hallmark of the actor, always ready to perform the action scenes himself (increasingly exponentially more absurd and dangerous) of his films, especially in the Mission: Impossible. In addition, now we can see that Cruise gets so involved in his role as an action star that he performs heroics also outside the world of fiction.

During the filming of Mission: Impossible 7, which is nearing its conclusion in North Yorkshire, UK, Tom Cruise ran to the rescue of a camera operator who had lost his balance while filming a scene on the roof of a moving train. . You know, the typical workday in this series.

According to the Daily Mail, as soon as Cruise saw that the camera lost his balance, he launched himself at him to prevent him from falling into the void. Of course, following the safety rules of the shoot, the operator was restrained by a harness and it is unlikely that anything had happened to him beyond the scare. Fortunately, he had the collaboration of the actor, who grabbed him and helped him climb back onto the roof of the moving vehicle.

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Coinciding with the news of this incident, director Christopher McQuarrie has published on his Instagram profile another photo of the shoot where you can just see Tom Cruise involved in work. That is, hanging himself from the train at full speed.

What would Mission: Impossible be without a bit of local color? McQuarrie writes, referring to the North Yorkshire rail network, where production has been rolling for the past few weeks. A specialist in looking for new challenges for Tom Cruise, the director of Secret Nation and Fallout also plans to write and direct the next installment of the saga, as soon as they finish with this one whose filming was badly affected by the pandemic.

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