Moana 2: Is There A Release Date Available?

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Moana 2
  • Disney And Miranda Are Planning A New Movie
  • There Have Been Talks About A Movie With Latin Princess

Moana was one of the most successful Disney movies of 2016, and its sequel could be on the cards soon. Attention Disney fans. Lin-Manuel Miranda could be preparing a sequel to Moana. 

Is There A Official Announcement?

At least that is what could be understood from the words of, Luis Miranda, father of actor and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda previously told that he has spoken about the following project in which his son and the Mickey Mouse studio would be collaborating:

He’s talking to Disney about a ‘Moana’ sequel but the movie would be about a 

Latin princess

Although we do not doubt the good intentions of the father, everything seems to indicate that the man could have made a little trouble. It is not a secret that Disney has been working for several years on a project that stars a Latin princess, but everything indicates that it would not be the 

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second installment of Moana, but that it would be an independent job.

A New Project?

What seems clear is that Disney has launched into the project of this new heroine and that Lin-Manuel Miranda will be in charge of the original music for the film. Does this mean there will be no sequel to Moana? With the exception of Frozen, the Jon Muskers and Ron Clements film has been one of the most popular animated films of the last decade, so it is a matter of time before the announcement of a second part becomes official.

Further Plans From Disney:

What is a fact is that the collaboration between Disney and the protagonist of The Return of Mary Poppins is being most fruitful. In addition to the aforementioned film (and its future sequel), Miranda has been in charge of the music for Moana and is working on the Broadway musical The Little Mermaid with Alan Menken. Everything seems to indicate that, if there was a film version of live-action, the composer and actor would also sign up for it.


For the moment, we leave you with the trailer for Moana. The film tells the story of Moana ( Auli’i Cravalho ), the princess of a tribe with a single obsession: the ocean. The young woman manages to fulfill her dream and embarks on a journey through the sea, accompanied by her pet, the rooster Heihei, and Maui ( Dwayne Johnson ), a demigod who can change shape.

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