Money Heist: Fans Think This Character Is Gonna Die In Season 5

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Which characters will be in the final season of ” Money Heist”? Who will not survive the great master robbery and which character has to die?

“Money Heist”: is this the end of it?

A new fan theory is in the starting blocks. The “Money Heist” fanbase is fast too. Are you right with your new theory? The fans are sure: he will die in season 5! But who is it actually about? The new theory was triggered by the posts of the actor Fernando Soto, who plays the role of the investigator Angel Rubio. He’s been part of the hit series since the launch of “Money Heist” in 2017, but apparently, it’s over now.

The 52-year-old posted some farewell moments from his “Money Heist” time on Instagram. Fans are sure that this post and its caption will have a “He’s going to die on the show soon ” vibe. In one video, the actor lays his gun and police badge, waves, and says goodbye. In the caption fall many nice words. he thanks you for a great time and highlighted next to Netflix and the few. from the production team Oh, this is clearly a farewell … But the actor leaves the series voluntarily or he is brutally killed?

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“Money Heist”: what’s next in season 5?

In the post by Fernando Soto and on the Reddit platform, this fan theory is being discussed diligently. The “Money Heist” fans can well imagine that Angel could sacrifice himself for his ex-colleague and great love Raquel Murillo (played by Itziar Ituno). Even if his character in the series is married, he has been expressing his feelings for her again and again (sometimes more directly, sometimes indirectly) since the first season.

Since the fifth season is also supposed to be the last season of “Money Heist”, an action-packed and epic ending is actually a MUST. And an epic ending also includes drama, intrigue, and some losses. Will Angel throw himself at Raquel for protection if they come under fire? Maybe that’s just the general goodbye to his role, after all, it’s the final season. It will take some time before these and other questions can be clarified. We all have to be patient a little longer. The 5th season of “Money Heist” has been postponed again and again. But if you now believe the latest speculations, there could be new episodes of “Money Heist” earlier than expected (possibly in September)! In any case, we can hardly wait!

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