Money Heist: Season 5 Postponed? Here’s What Fans Must Know

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“MONEY HEIST”- Season 5 postponed !!!

When is the fifth season of the Netflix hit “MONEY HEIST” coming? Now the show’s inventor confirms: Fans have to be patient even longer because an early start is not possible!

For four seasons, the adventures of the professor and his robber crew have kept Netflix fans in suspense – and everyone is eagerly waiting for new episodes of the cool crime show. But it will probably stay that way for longer!

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“MONEY HEIST”: Season 5 postponed!

Since the first episodes made the series one of the most popular shows on Netflix in 2017, a large fan base has formed – who want to know what’s next. The new and fifth season already caused a lot of news and speculation- but the biggest question is still open: When will the new episodes of “MONEY HEIST” come? After all, season 5 was confirmed back in July last year. The bad news: new episodes come later than expected!

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Corona throws the “MONEY HEIST” a line through the bill.

As insiders reveal, a release was initially planned for April 2021 – which would mean SOON. But: Corona throws the gangster crew through the bill. After all, the series is filmed in Europe – in countries that are still largely in corona lockdown. The shooting was only recently resumed. However, it is not certain how long it can be shot in the current situation. Therefore the release of the new season has now been postponed!

Inventor confirms later release.

After the only speculation about the publication of the new episodes in the room, there is now sad certainty from “MONEY HEIST” – inventor Alex Pina: in an interview that Spanish fans shared on Twitter, he confirmed that season 5 “later than September 2021 “ Would appear. While fans are now assuming the worst and oracles about a start in 2022, Netflix is encouraging and putting the end of 2021 in the room. That can of course also be Christmas.

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