Money Heist Season 5: This ‘HATED’ Character Might Joint The Gang!

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The fifth season of the series has to solve the fate of the villain of the fourth season, whom they used to rescue Lisbon.

Without a doubt, one of the great antagonists of the fourth season of Money Heist was Gandia. He was in charge of ending the life of Nairobi, although he was also key to rescuing Lisbon. Now, in the new installment, his life is in grave danger.

After being captured by the robbers, everything seems to indicate that his prominence in the new season will decrease. In fact, many give him up for death, since various characters such as Tokio, Denver or Bogota want to end his life in revenge.

Berlin Warned Of The Danger Of Gandia In Money Heist

One of the episodes of the fourth season was focused on how Berlin and Palermo organized the robbery of the Bank of Spain. During the Berlin visit to the Bank, he realized that Gandia’s presence could be a big problem for robbers because of his personality.

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That is why he insisted to the Professor that the best thing was to end Gandia’s life so that he would not affect the robbery plans. However, the Professor thought of an alternative plan, which was to remove the security of the Bank governor in the first place.

Money Heist Endangers The Life Of Gandía

Now, after time proved Berlin right about Gandia, the villain’s life is in danger. But, despite everything, there is a detail that can play in his favor and be key to discovering what will happen to him in the fifth season of Money Heist.

And it is that Gandia already has a city name, that is why many assure that it could join the band. In this way, many place Gandia and Alicia Sierra among the new allies of the robbers in the new season. Something that could be key to getting out of the robbery alive.

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2 Possible Endings For Money Heist

The end of Money Heist is still a great unknown. However, as the premiere date of the new season approaches, fewer theories are gaining momentum. Some theories that could be key to explain how the end of the robbers at the Bank of Spain could be.

And it is well known that robbers are in an extreme situation. After losing their leader, the Professor, they will have to improvise a new escape plan. A new plan that will have Lisbon as the protagonist, who is the only one who knows perfectly how they should do it.

This Is How The Robbers Will Escape In Money Heist

Despite the fact that Money Heist is one of the great series of recent times, it bears a great resemblance to the movie The Bank of England Robbery. As with the Bank of Spain, the Bank of England is also surrounded by underground rivers that they will use to steal all the gold.

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That is why the Professor’s plan is to throw the gold nuggets to be transported and later collected from the mouths of the underground rivers. In this way, The Bank of England Robbery has provided the solution to the fifth season of Money Heist, which bears a strong resemblance to the 1960 film.

Tokyo will be the only survivor in the end

Also, another of the theories is not so positive for robbers. Many are those who indicate that not all will survive and that in the fifth season they will suffer several casualties. That is why, considering that Tokio is the omniscient narrator of the series, many point out her as the only survivor.

In fact, Tokyo is the only protagonist of Money Heist who has been caught filming outdoors. Specifically in Lisbon, where we saw her several weeks ago accompanied by Miguel Angel Silvestre. In this way, he could have achieved freedom. Something that many of his colleagues have not achieved.

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