Money Heist: Season 5 Will Mark Death Of Professor! Here’s Why?

Farwa Raza

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The fifth season of Netflix’s Money Heist was delayed mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected many productions, in addition to the streaming network planning a super production for the outcome, which would take more time and would be one of the probable causes of its delay.

The series was planned to premiere in the spring of 2021 as it happens with previous seasons, but after the delay, it was announced that it would be in the summer when we will finally see the outcome of the bank robbery of Spain, and the possible release date of the fifth season could be between the months of September and October.

Money Heist is one of the most successful Netflix series, so the news of its delay saddened its fans around the world because, in addition to the fact that they will have to wait longer for the fifth season, they will have to say goodbye to the actor Alvaro Morte.

This actor, who gave life to ‘The Professor’, decided to abandon the project before the arrival of season 5, and his reasons were truly shocking.

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Alvaro Morte left Money Heist

The news that Alvaro Morte leaves Money Heist, so the death of ‘the professor’, could be one of the moments that we will see in the fifth season after his departure from the project was confirmed, being one of the saddest news for fans of the series.

According to the actor’s own statements, the reason for his departure was mainly due to competition, and we are not talking about the programs that compete against the series, but about Netflix, since Alvaro Morte refers to Amazon Prime Video.

Apparently, the famous actor who gave life to ‘The Professor’, left the project after he joined the Amazon series ‘Limitless’, a four-chapter miniseries.

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