Monster Musume Season 2: Release In 2021? Here’s What We Know

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Monster Musume Season 2
  • Monster Musume Season 1 Premiered In 2015.
  • Season 2 Of The Anime Series Has Not Been Cancelled So Far.
  • Rumors Suggest That The Show Will Premiere Its Season 2 In 2022.

Season 2 of the Japanese anime drama, ‘Monster Musume’ is one of the most anticipated shows of all time. Five years have passed since the premiere of the first season, but the demand for its next season is constantly increasing. Otakus from every corner of the world have been too passionate about the arrival of this anime, but will we have a second season in 2021? Here’s what you must know.

Is The Show Cancelled?

The Japanese manga revolving around a Japanese student, Kimihito Kurusu made its screen debut with a twelve-episode first season in July 2015. The first season grasped huge attention from the audience and as well as the critics with the first season concluding in September 2015.

The unique storyline was one of the main elements that resulted in the anime becoming a fan-favorite in no time. At the end of Season 1, the makers dropped a massive hint regarding Season 2 of the anime. In the final episode, fans spotted ‘Nikki Kettei’ written in the background in one of the scenes which resulted in speculations about Season 2. 

For those who don’t know, Nikki means Second and Kettei means Confirmed. So yeah, there’s a huge possibility for a new season. 

So far, the creators have not canceled the anime series, but have also not renewed the show for a second season.

Is There Enough Storyline For Season 2?

The first season of the anime series revolved around the first 25 chapters of the manga while the authors have published over 16 volumes of the manga series. The most recent being published in 2020, which certainly clarifies and concludes that there is enough material for the makers to develop a second season out of nowhere. 

When Can We Expect It To Release?

Rumors around the corners of the internet claim that the show will seek an official renewal by the end of 2021, and we might be see a second season on our screens in mid-2022. 

The cast of Monster Musume Season 2

While a large portion of the characters/cast of the period remains the equivalent.

• Junji Majima as Kurusua Kimihito

• Ari Ozawa as Papi

• Sora Amamiya as Miia

• Haruka Yamazaki as Mero

• Natsuki Aikawa as Centorea

• Mayuka Nomura as Suu

• Ai kakuma as Lala

• Sakura Nakamura as Rachnera

• Yu Kobayashi as Ms. Smith

• Saori Onishi as Doppel

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