‘Monsterverse’ Is Son Of Kong Coming?

Farwa Raza

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What seemed like bad times for the creation of new film universe blockbusters seems to have taken a promising turn in the last few hours with the MonsterVerse. The saga of films that were being given was not raising enough at the box office for the expenses involved in these productions, except in the case of Kong: Skull Island, which in its day raised more than 550 million dollars worldwide.

However, the second part of the giant lizard, Godzilla: King of the monsters had poor results at the box office and by critics. This led to the study’s commitment to a more ambitious proposal that closed the MonsterVerse to a certain extent: Confront the two most famous creatures of the company in Godzilla vs Kong.

Despite having been in a pandemic for a year with half of the premieres postponed for fear of a poor box office, the titanic confrontation has been a resounding success. Godzilla vs Kong has grossed more than $400 million worldwide, thus becoming the most successful premiere since these strange times.

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Nor is it that the film produced by Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures had huge ambition, because in that case they would never have bet on launching the fight of their monsters in what seems like the final stretch of COVID-19, but would have done like other blockbusters guy with no time to die or dune that has postponed its premiere a dozen times already.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the members of Legendary would be gradually considering how to begin to stretch this universe, for now with one or two more tapes. The idea of the study is that Adam Wingard repeats in the direction, but as a result of the triumph, the different studies seem to be raffling Wingard. Among the possible ideas and rumors, the involvement that the director had in the creation phases of the entire Hollow Earth universe that appears in the film is discussed. Son of Kong is the title that sounds the loudest among the buzz that has been going on in Hollywood in recent weeks.

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