Morbius Release Date and Latest Updates

Iksha Tiwari

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Despite the claims by co-star Tyrese Gibson that Morbius got delayed again to October 2022. And it will be a part of MCU, the reports have also confirmed that this is not the case.

According to the reports from Gamespot, Sony pictures also confirmed that Morbius is still on the track and will be released on January 28th, 2022. In addition to this, Morbius will not the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Instead of that, it will remain rooted in Sony Pictures rival Marvel Universe.

Shift of Morbius Release Date

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, every studio has to rearrange its theatrical schedules. Few films like Morbius and more have filmed many delays. The spider-man villain spin-off has also been delayed several times of the year. Moving from July 31,2020 the release date has now been shifted to January 2022. Now, Morbius lead star Tyrese Gibson has also claimed that the film is also moving to its release date again. This time it will be an October 2022 release. Another bold claim said that the actor has states the Morbius will also set in the cinematic universe of Marvels.

Gibson also gave his comments in an interview with Comicbook. com. While promoting his upcoming role in F9. They have just pushed the movie to October 2022 because they want to take advantage of that Halloween energy.

The interview continued with many questions related to Morbius set in the mCY. Gibson simply responded to the questions with a yes. However when the interviewer asked for clarification on the movie being set in “avenger world” Gibson repeated “Yes”. IGN has also reached out to Sony for further comments.

Earlier this year, Sony executive Sanford Panitch also gave a statement. He said, ” there is actually a plan” to connect the studios’ spider-man universe with Marvel cinematic universe. The studio is currently set the upcoming sequel Venom: Let there be carnage for the coming September. Morbius for next year and A Kraven the hunter film for 2023.

In addition to this the appearance of Michael Keaton’s vulture in the Morbius trailer also hints at the potential tie-ups between Sony’s spin-offs and the MCU.

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