Muppet Man To Get A Biopic At Disney!

Farwa Raza

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Jim Henson’s legacy is going through an especially lush time, with his holdings storming the mainstream and proving the good health they are in. While Hollywood plans to launch a sequel to Inside the Labyrinth, its film The Dark Crystal has spawned the highly-celebrated Netflix series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. Although the latter has not been renewed, we must add the premiere on Disney + of More Muppets than ever, with the return of the characters that gave it the greatest fame. It is, therefore, a good opportunity to launch a biopic about his career.

One that has already been discussed for a few years, without The Jim Henson Company being able to agree with Disney. This today is no longer a problem, according to media such as Deadline: both studios have agreed to work on a film dedicated to Henson’s life entitled Muppet Man. Its screenwriter is Michael Mitnik, an experienced playwright who has written films such as War of the Currents or The Giver for the cinema, and who is currently working on a draft by Aaron and Jordan Kendell (scriptwriters of Adrift ). Lisa Henson, daughter of the great man, will be in charge of producing it, combining it with her work at the head of the Pinocchio that Guillermo del Toro prepares for Netflix.

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Henson, creator of the so-called Muppets (or Muppets), Fraggle Rock, and the creatures of Sesame Street, will thus be the protagonist of a film dedicated to portraying his efforts to convince the producers that The Muppets was a good idea. Muppet Man, in this way, will delve into the birth of these iconic characters, and still does not have an associated director or leading actor. The House of the Mouse, likewise, does not test filming or premiere dates, but everything indicates that the project is now ready to materialize.

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