Nathan Fielder all set to star in the new series “repetition”

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Nathan Fielder all set to star in the new series "repetition"

Nathan fielder, the writer and actor of Nathan for you is all set to star in a new comedy series “the repetition”.

The repetition will be written, directed and produced by Nathan himself.

Warner Brothers are currently trying to merge the home entertainment production of HBO, Turner and warner bros.

The production of the series started from fielder’s deal with HBO last year for the executive production of how to… with John Wilson last year. This deal included a pilot but later on, it became the repetition and progressed to a full-fledged series.

How to with John Wilson premiered last October and was a first-person documentary about an anxious reporter in New York who gives personal advice to everyone while dealing with his own personal crisis. The show received 90% audience approval on rotten tomatoes. Fielder’s other show, Nathan for you has an audience score of 95% with a critic’s score of 97%.

The repetition is a 30 minutes comedy series that is based on a world where nothing seems to work out as everyone hoped and Fielder will give the opportunity to people to rehearse the outcomes of their own life. So far only Fielder has been finalised for the casting.

Christie Smith and Dan Mc Manus, the managers of Fielder, will also be the executive producers for the show.

Fielder previously has also landed the series “the curse” starring Emma stone on showtime. The comical show also stars Benny Safdie. The show is based on how an alleged curse will hamper the relationship of a newly married child who is trying to conceive a child.

It’s still not clear if repetition will be a scripted series or a docuseries like the comment on HBO. HBO disagreed to comment about more details on the series.

Fielder has previously worked on “Nathan for you” which is a comedy series about a consultant who assists new businesses and improves them by implementing certain innovations and strategies. Fielder says that the idea for this show came from watching real people deal with awkward situations which Nathan put them in.

Various segments from the show Nathan for you has gone viral such as the dumb Starbucks gag or the clip where a baby goat was rescued by a pig.

Nathan is famously known for his tv series but he has also acted in several movies. This includes the 2015 movie “Holiday” starring Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie and  Joseph Gorden Lewitt. Fielder has also acted as a dubbing actor for shows like the Simpsons, Rick and Morty. He has also appeared in shows such as children’s hospital, transparent, and comedy bang bang.

Comedy Centar furthermore added, “for the past 5 years, comedy Central had the pleasure of working with the brilliant Nathan Fielder on Nathan for you”.

In current news, HBO home entertainment is in the process of its full transference to warner bros and worldwide home entertainment and games under the leadership of Jim Wuthritch, the president. It is said by Gerhald Zeiler, the chief revenue officer”bringing these businesses all under one roof means we can improve cooperation and create scale. Acting as one will strengthen our position in an increasingly challenging marketplace”.

Wuthritch furthermore said “while we have had a strategic alliance with HBO in the past that involved physical product, the distribution we are now excited to welcome the digital transactional sales and marketing teams into the Warner Bros”. It is said that this structure will enable all the channels to speak with one voice and will help them to grow their audience and subscriber bases.

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