NBA star Kyrie Irving loses $100 million for not getting vaccinated against COVID

David Galvan

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NBA star Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving was able to secure his future and that of his family had it not been for a controversial decision that prevented him from signing a new contract with the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets, after refusing the COVID vaccine that became a requirement to play in the 2021 season throughout the state of New York, for this reason he was never able to close the agreement that he already had with the franchise.

Irving acknowledged that at the time he did not intend to be immunized because he felt it was a condition to renew until 2025 and although he does not regret his decision, he considers that if he wasted a good opportunity to tie up a large part of his career, not only In the economic aspect, it would also have achieved stability for at least the next four years in the NBA.

The problem that exploded in the hands of the Brooklyn base was that he could not play the games at home with the Nets, since no person could enter closed places – until before March 2021 – without having the COVID vaccine, For this reason, he could not see activity and as a visitor he had to abide by the rules that each state of the American Union set as a requirement before the height of the pandemic.

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“I gave up four years and 100 million deciding not to get vaccinated and that was the decision, I had to deal with that real life circumstance of losing my job because of this determination.

We were supposed to have all that figured out regarding renewal before the field training camp in 2021, but it didn’t happen because I wasn’t vaccinated. So, I understood his point and had to live with it. Honestly, it was a tough pill to swallow.”

“I felt like they forced me with an ultimatum on whether or not I had a contract, whether or not I could be on the team, whether or not I was vaccinated.

They definitely put me in that position where I had to make that decision,” said Kyrie Irving, who will play this season with the Nets in exchange for 37 million dollars, but in the following summer he would be a free agent, that is, he can sign with any team he decides, because at the moment Brooklyn is no longer interested in extending his agreement.

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