NCIS: Jessica Knight actress lands new role in horror thriller

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NCIS: Jessica Knight actress lands new role in horror thriller

Season 18 of NCIS first introduced actress Katrina Law as Agent Jessca Kinight, with a storyline that shocked viewers and allowed her to stay on the drama as a lead for subsequent seasons. However, her actress seems to have landed a new role for a horror movie and fans are beginning to doubt her participation in the CBS drama.

Prior to Katrina Law’s involvement with NCIS, she was a former star of the popular series that was canceled in 2020, Hawaii Five-0. Her arrival in episode 15 of the 18th season of NCIS, kept many of the viewers with thousands of doubts, because the program had taken one of the most recent actresses out of her.

In the final episodes of NCIS season 18, viewers saw the exit of Agent Ellie Bishop (played by Emily Wickersham), after she had been leaking sensitive information from the National Security Agency. But that in reality it was a special mission that he had to do undercover far from the city and the information disclosure plan was devised to be able to achieve it.

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Although the departure was Emily Wickersham’s decision, Katrina Law immediately stepped in to replace her in the final two episodes of NCIS Season 18. Then, she became part of it as a main character in installment 19, due to the popularity that she obtained. However, it looks like the star has landed a new role for a horror thriller.

Deadline recently confirmed that Katrina Law has signed on to star opposite Frank Grillo in director Steven C. Miller’s horror thriller Year 2, which is set to begin production this month. Where Law will play Dr. Amy Chen, who embarks on a dangerous journey with the character of Grillo to save her loved ones, against the clock.

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