NCIS Los Angeles Season 13: Callen and Anna’s Relationship on the Verge of a Breakup

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NCIS Los Angeles Season 13: Callen and Anna's Relationship on the Verge of a Breakup

The popular spin-off of the NCIS franchise, NCIS Los Angeles, heads to a dramatic conclusion with its 13th season, most notably with G. Callen’s (Chris O’Donnell) obsession with Russian agent Katya (Eve Barlow). ), who is showing personal information and videos of him. While his current partner, Anna Kolcheck (Bar Paly), seems to be drawing the line that will separate them.

According to the trailer and details that have been leaking from NCIS Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 17, Callen’s partner, Anna, reveals to him that she will be staying with her father Arkady (Vyto Ruginis), for a while while he finds himself investigating details of his past as a child being trained by secret organizations.

However, Anna believes that Callen still has Katya on his mind after his counterfeiting scheme spiraled out of control. Which is why Callen is quite taken aback by the news and reminds her that they have just started securing plans to move into her own place so they can be together.

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“We just signed the papers for the new place at the Mariner,”

“Are you breaking up with me?” Callen says.

Although she does not confirm it, she assures him for the first time that she loves him, but explains that the last few months they have lived together have been fatal for their relationship. Recall that Katya has been spreading inappropriate fake videos of Callen on social media and official emails from NCIS members. However, according to the trailer, Anna is clearly worried that her mission will get in the way of her relationship.

“I’m tired of letting Katya define our relationship,” she tells him.

“I think we should take a step back. Just for a little while.”

Anna’s decision could mean that fans won’t see them move in together until next season, although it could have even more serious implications, which could bring them to the brink of a permanent breakup or an attack by the Russian agent against Callen’s partner. , who is now more vulnerable.

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It only remains to wait for the development of episode 17 of season 13 of NCIS Los Angeles, which will premiere this Sunday, April 24 on the CBS television network in its late-night slot, while it can also be enjoyed on the All Access and Hulu platforms. the day after its release.

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