NCIS Los Angeles: The episodes that G. Callen himself directed in the drama

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NCIS Los Angeles: The episodes that G. Callen himself directed in the drama

The actor in charge of playing G. Callen in NCIS Los Angeles, Chris O’Donnell, has had an incredible artistic career, but since he came to the NCIS franchise, he has managed to demonstrate many other skills that viewers may have been unaware of, which he has to do with being behind the cameras to be able to prepare and direct an episode of the program in which he lives. However, these are the episodes that he has managed to direct.

Episode 17 Season 4

Chris O’Donnell’s directorial debut on the series NCIS: Los Angeles started from episode 17 of season 4, which received a rating of 8.2/10 according to the IMDb website. In this episode, Sam (LL Cool J) and his wife Michelle (Aunjanue Ellis) go undercover for the CIA to finish a case of theirs that appears to involve arms dealer and stolen nuclear weapons Isaak Sidorov (Timothy V. Murphy), revealing big moments of action and suspense for viewers.

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Episode 6 Season 6

However, that wasn’t the only one O’Donnell directed, he also returned behind the scenes with Season 6 Episode 6, in which Sam is framed and arrested for murder. Like the first episode he directed, viewers responded positively, with an IMDb rating of 8.3/10. Curiously, this chapter has as a special guest the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter, Anderson Silva.

Episode 7 Season 7

The third and final episode directed by Chris O’Donnell is Season 7 Episode 7. In this episode, Agent Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) and Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) go undercover to infiltrate a cult, in an attempt to rescue a former Department of Defense employee who shared classified information with them after being brainwashed with various chemicals and gags.

Curiously, the same members of the cast of NCIS Los Angeles have congratulated actor Chris O’Donnell’s directing skills, one of them was actress Daniela Ruah, who assured during an interview for Entertainment Tonight, how incredible it was to work under his command. for various episodes of the show.

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“He’s a great director because he’s very specific in what he wants… He’s an actor himself, so he knows how it feels.”

Unfortunately, O’Donnell hasn’t directed anything else since 2015, but in a previous interview with ET, he assured that in the future, when he doesn’t want to act anymore, he will seek to make his own series and movies, in the meantime he will continue learning from his colleagues in the production to be able to overcome them at some point.

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