Neither hero nor villain: is Morbius good or bad? The doctor who turns into a vampire in Marvel


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Known in the Marvel comics as the intelligent doctor Michael Morbius, this is one of the most famous anti-heroes that has finally reached the cinema screen thanks to Sony, at the hands of Jared Leto, who becomes the fearsome villain thirsty for blood in order to stay alive, although he is neither a hero nor a villain.

Many fans wonder if the vampire Morbius is good or bad in the story, and the truth is that they have no reason to become a villain, because in addition to having superpowers, it is impossible to forget that he is an intelligent doctor, who throughout his life life was dedicated to finding a cure for his blood disease.

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However, we must not ignore that his obsession and urgency to achieve a medical advance leads him to make some wrong decisions that end up turning him into a vampire and the dark side effect is that in order to stay alive he must consume human blood, something unheroic on his part, and that prevents him from being the good guy in the story.

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But despite the fact that Dr. Michael Morbius embraces his powers with a smile on his face, since he should no longer use his crutches and have his days numbered, he must succumb to the ravenous hunger to feed on blood and thus continue living, and At the same time, this makes him an aggressive, dangerous man who is willing to do anything to satisfy his desire.

Morbius is a villain of Spiderman

In the Marvel comics, the vampire Morbius is known to be one of the main villains of Spiderman, which makes him an enemy of the superhero, but it is important to remember that behind the bloodsucker, there is a doctor who has led a difficult life but knows the difference between good and evil.

In the Sony film, Michale Morbius becomes an antagonist with a strong inclination to do good, because although his first actor is to kill a group of men, he seeks to do everything possible to save someone’s city with his own abilities, which ends up being quite heroic on his part.

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In short, Michael Morbius, the vampire character played by Jared Leto, is neither a hero nor a villain, which at the same time makes him an antihero, who will surely be seen again in the future according to the ending. of the film and the second post-credits scenes where Michael Keaton’s character appears.

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