Netflix Announced : Hache Not Returning for Season 3

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INTRO: Hache is Netflix’s huge crime thriller series from Spain which looks to have come to an end after season 2. Despite setting up a third season, now Netflix has announced that Hache will not be returning back for a third season at Netflix.

This comes has huge sad news for all the Hache fans. The series was inspired by real events, the series has gone to become one of the highest-rated Spanish series on Netflix around the world. For now, here are some of the details we know. Season 1 of the shoe first debuted back in the year November 2019 and the subsequent second season touched down our screens in February 2021. The show was almost renewed almost instantaneously after the first season and was originally due to arrive in 2020. But the announcement of its cancellation has left us with a single question.

Why Hache is Unlikely to Return for Season 3 at Netflix

Despite of the setting up of the third season, it appears like it’s not due to happen. Some Spanish outlets were also positive about the possibility of the show returning. In fact, some people were also even predicting a release in 2022/2023.

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In an interview with Serielizados, the producer and maker of the show Veronica Fernandez told them:

(translated via Google Translate: “I think the Hache universe is great and we want to keep exploring. We have ideas. We are also very eager to see if people get hooked. I think it is the people who will give us the second and third seasons if necessary.”

Carlos Lopez Gracia who was the main writer for the series also has made it look like that she has moved on to a new project in July 2020. In July 2020, if the time would have been right, the second season of the show was coming to an end in pre-production or production so this sums up it all.

In fact, Carlos is not the only person who has moved on to other projects. Veronica Fernandez who bought the series to appear on Netflix from Weekend Studios now works full time with Netflix. For now, she is involved in two upcoming projects of Netflix which include Intimidad and Intimacy.

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Coming back to the series, according to the data we received from our sources, Netflix has confirmed to the portals that Hache is not returning for season 3. Apart from this particular statement, there are other details provided to us. Now, all we can say is to expect a miracle to happen, in case if we want the third season of Hache which is in a practical way impossible.

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