Netflix Reveals Release Date for Vikings: Valhalla and other shows

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Fans it’s time to rejoice there’s a ton of good stuff that is very soon going to drop on the streaming giant we can’t keep calm. From the great series of The Wheel of Time to The Witcher and more and more. And if it’s true then it looks like our 2022 is will be completely packed with some of the great entertaining shows that are lined up for a new year and it’s quite robust.

Recently the dates were announced in a thread that was released from the streamer’s Geeked Twitter account. The list included the highly anticipated Vikings:Valhalla that is going to premiere on February 25. The show’s storyline will be set for 100 years after the history channel’s original Viking series.

The story will begin with when the Vikings had overrun England and have taken control of Normandy in France. It also ventured across the Atlantic Ocean but now their time in England was nearing the end.

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Vikings release date: Valhalla

The very loved and anticipated series Vikings will finally make its debut on February 25 on Netflix 2022. The tweet that brought out this news is attached below:

Other Details About Vikings: Valhalla

The series that is produced by streaming giant Netflix is created by Michael Hirst in collaboration with MGM Television. The screenwriter Jeb Stuart is the showrunner and screenwriter for the series. The series follows the exploits of some great and important historical personalities like Leif Eriksson, his sister Freydis Eriksdotter, Prince Harald Hardrada and the Norman king William the Conqueror.

The cast of the new Vikings series will include Frida Gustavsson (Swoon), Sam Corlett (The Terrifying Adventures of Sabrina), Jóhannes Jóhannesson (Cursed), Laura Berlin (Immenhof – The Adventure of a Summer), Leo Suter (The Liberator), Bradley Freegard (Keeping Faith), David Oakes (The Pillars of the Earth) and Caroline Henderson (Tuya Siempre).

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Another series that is going to set its debut is Archive 81 which is set to debut on 14th January. Archive 81 will is inspired by a podcast by the same name where the storyline follows an archivist who has been hired to restore a collection of tapes and finds himself reconstructing the work of the filmmaker.

There are also many other shows that have been confirmed for the next year 2022 include Army of The Dead, Mike Flanagan’s The Midnight Club, The Sandman, prequel series The Witcher: Blood Origin and many more. The issue is that we don’t have a specific release date in mind for all these shows and we will have to wait for an official announcement from the makers for that.

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