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Since he began his acting career, Adam Sandler has shown that he has a great talent for comedy. In this way, in his films he manages to make viewers laugh very easily and enjoy what they are seeing.

Within the Netflix catalog, several of the films made by the actor in recent years are available. Several of these films became very popular and became favorites of many people. If you are looking for what to watch during this week, then you should give Adam Sandler’s filmography a try. Next, we recommend three movies that will make you laugh non-stop and you will love them.

Netflix: the Adam Sandler movies that will fascinate you

A fake wife

The film introduces us to Danny, a surgeon who is played by Adam Sandler. The protagonist decides to hire his assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), a single woman with children, so that everyone pretends to be his family. His target of him? Prove to Palmer (Brooklyn Decker), a very beautiful young woman, that her love for her is so great that he will divorce her wife.

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This was the first production that the actor starred in alongside Aniston. After this success, they returned to repeat the pair for a Netflix movie: Mystery on Board, which was released in 2019.

Like it was the first time

Perhaps one of the most popular and acclaimed Adam Sandler movies. The story introduces us to a marine biologist named Henry, who has no intention of finding love or committing to someone.

However, this suddenly changes when Lucy crosses his path. This young woman, played by Drew Barrymore, is the girl of her dreams. But there is a small problem: every morning, the girl wakes up without remembering any details of the previous day.

They are like children

After learning that their childhood basketball coach has passed away, a group of friends decide to get together. In this way, they choose as a meeting point a place where they held a championship years ago. An extremely fun movie to enjoy with friends or family, where we will see Adam Sandler shine like in several of his old movies. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can find it on Netflix.

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