Netflix Tips Its Hand to the Gaming Strategy

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Netflix Tips Its Hand to the Gaming Strategy

In what seems to be a demonstration of how popular the gaming industry has become, top entertainment firm Netflix has made its mark. For several years, the company has been flirting with entering the gaming market, and to prove that, it just made a massive acquisition.

For gaming enthusiasts from around the world, the entry of Netflix could be some welcome news as it promises variety and good times ahead. Whether you’re a player of the largest online casino Canada, or an aspiring gamer, all eyes will be on what Netflix is capable of in the gaming front.

Netflix and Gaming

Night School Studio, a Los Angeles-based independent game developer known for titles like Oxenfree, has been acquired by Netflix. Night School Studios titles are available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Netflix has also branched out into mobile gaming with the release of a few games.

Netflix competes not only with other video streaming services, but also with video games. According to CEO Reed Hastings, the firm competes with Fortnite more than HBO. Netflix has now revealed its strategy, revealing that it intends to expand through acquisitions.

Netflix did not make a splash with its acquisition of Night School Studio. On CNBC, Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter stated that in order to move the meter, Hastings’ company would need to make a multi-billion dollar game purchase, such as Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, which is rumoured to be on the block.

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The company’s initial gaming studio acquisition, Night School Studio, is most known for its first game, “Oxenfree,” a spooky teen drama with an unsettling soundtrack.

The studio’s games will be the first non-mobile titles in the streaming giant’s newly established video game portfolio, and will be accessible on Sony’s (6758.T) PlayStation, Microsoft’s (MSFT.O) Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PCs.

“Like our shows and films, these games will all be included as part of your Netflix membership — all with no ads and no in-app purchases,” the company announced.

Netflix announced its intentions to enter gaming during its most recent quarterly results call, as emerging players like as Disney+ and HBO Max have been swiftly collecting customers, heightening the streaming landscape’s rivalry.

Netflix users in Spain and Italy may now watch “Stranger Things: 1984,” “Stranger Things 3: The Game,” “Card Blast,” “Teeter Up,” and “Shooting Hoops” on Android, according to the company.

The other three titles will be released in Poland, which already has the “Stranger Things” titles.

“We view gaming as another new content category for us, similar to our expansion into original films, animation and unscripted TV,” the company revealed through its shareholder letter.

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“We think the time is right to learn more about how our members value games.”

Netflix has already created several TV series and movies based on games, in addition to its interest in games inspired by television. It was revealed this week that a third season of “The Witcher,” which is based on a series of fantasy novels and computer games, had been commissioned. Next year, a kids’ TV program based on “Sonic the Hedgehog” will premiere, while a series based on the multiplayer combat epic “League of Legends” will premiere in November.

Netflix’s foray into video games comes as the company looks to have reached a limit in terms of the number of households it can reach in the United States. The firm has said publicly that it competes for people’s online amusement time with popular games like Fortnite, and experts believe that supplying games might help attract new customers.

According to a survey released in April by consulting firm Accenture, the worldwide gaming market is currently worth more than $300 billion. Netflix has hired Mike Verdu, a video game veteran from Facebook, to oversee its gaming division.

How Night School Studios could push the success of Netflix Gaming

While some were apprehensive when Netflix began testing mobile games, it appears that the business has bigger plans than just converting its own series into games. In its announcement of the collaboration, Night School Studios stated that it will “keep cooking up new game worlds,” implying that games with whole new themes will be released.

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Netflix, according to Night School Studios, has simply provided developers with an “unprecedented canvas to create and deliver excellent entertainment to millions of people,” similar to what the streaming company has done for film and television producers.

Netflix has significantly transformed the television and film industries, and it now has the potential to do the same in gaming. Netflix hasn’t said if it plans to produce specific franchises or just enter the gaming industry by acquiring game companies. The company also stated that it is the “first” studio to collaborate with Netflix Gaming, implying that other companies would follow suit in the near future.

Netflix Gaming has shown that it is seriously considering the types of games it wants to make available, as seen by Night School Studios’ narrative brilliance. The upcoming titles might defy everyone’s expectations for Netflix Gaming, and who knows, maybe Night School Studios will receive another award nomination.

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