Netflix TV Shows That Will Take Place in Your Heart in Fall 2021

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Netflix TV Shows That Will Take Place in Your Heart in Fall 2021

As soon as it is time for autumn, the sadness and melancholy shadows each person. No matter how much of a jolly and a ‘full of life type of a person you are, you wish to stay home on these days. Sometimes on the bed and sometimes with a bowl of popcorn or mac and cheese in front of the television. With a remote in your hand, you surf on the screen with millions of channels searching for something exciting and captivating. And sometimes, you get frustrated and turn the tv off. We are here to make your search easy and save you from frustration by providing you the names of the best shows to stream that are either released or releasing in fall 2021 for you to kill your time with suspense, thrill, and fun! However, Netflix is not always unlocked for different shows, and in order not to miss your favorite show on a rainy day, you will need to use VPN such as VeePN Netflix to watch such shows for free. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with it! 

Sex education

This brilliant comedy will make you cringe and laugh all at the same time. The protagonist, Otis, who seems to be an uncomfortable, insecure young man who, among many other kinds of stuff, has been sexually inexperienced, also has difficulty masturbating. The truth that his mother is a sexologist adds to the confusion, and things become much worse when a headstrong girl called Maeve suggests that they form a campus sex therapy center together. Well before 3rd season premieres on September 17, catch up with the previous two seasons to get the whole idea. 


In the mood for some supernatural show? This one’s for you! The show captured the public attention through the hero cast in it who is good looking and has humor that is appealing to its audience. The series shows a fallen angel who ends up in Los Angeles and starts his life there. Lucifer, a devil, starts working with the police to realize that he is fighting for the good against the evil. The romance, however, is the essential part of keeping the audience intact in front of their screens; hence, the story proceeds from there. To stay updated with the show and enjoy another season releasing on Sept 10, watch the previous seasons to enjoy the new one! 

Never have I ever

The show portrays the Indian girl, Devi, who lives in southern California. She was brought up in the western world; however, her mother carries out all the rituals and traditions from India. However, that is one part of the story. Devi gets into this love triangle where on one end is the school’s hottest boy. The show is sometimes comedy and other times sentimental as it shows the lost father of Devi and his flashbacks. Finally, the season is released, so what are you waiting for? Catch up with the 20 minutes episodes for both the season and have fun!

Outer banks

The story, the scenery, and the actors all have contributed to the success of the show. The show got famous after the release of the second season. The show revolves around surfing, treasure hunt, and much more. It is one of the best shows on Netflix right now for you to stream. The love and the friendship shown in the season are remarkable, so why wait?

Ginny and Georgia

The show revolves around mother-daughter who never got together due to their differences; however, as soon as they shifted to their new place in wells bury, they started to realize that they were alike more than they imagined. The show contains love, sex, murder, fun, friendship, and fights. The show is light with dark humor, which makes it a perfect combination to kill your time with. 


There’s a slight possibility you overlooked the premiere of Shonda Rhimes’ much-anticipated TV series over Christmas. But, even when you’ve continued to hold off on watching the series (and haven’t succumbed to the online hype), Bridgertons a must! The series features London’s privileged as they chase love and romance (not usually paired), political relationships, and gossip during the glamorous social period. You’ll be able to finish the series in a couple of days because there are only eight chapters with plenty of suspense and melodrama to hold you interested. There will also be a spin-off of Queen Charlotte in the future, but meanwhile, you may watch Season 1 of the show.

Money Heist 

The Spanish robbery thriller has grabbed Netflix on fire as it starts its fifth final season, attracting a worldwide fan following eager to see just how far the team will go. In the original idea, a guy named The Professor enlisted the help of eight burglars to loot over $1 billion from Spain’s Royal Mint. The gang’s onto the next heist after the period of 4 years of unexpected twists, and then as Season 5 begins, they’ve been locked inside the Bank for nearly 100 hours, with soldiers hammering on the gate.

The queen’s gambit

 October 23, 2020, Netflix Began airing The Queen’s Gambit. After only four weeks, the show became Netflix’s another very scripted tv series, ranking it the #1 series across 63 countries. This same show was well-received by critics, who praised Taylor-performance, Joy’s, including the imagery and production quality. In addition, the chess industry reacted positively to it, and statistics show that it has boosted general love for the game.

The Queen’s Gambit portrays Elizabeth Harmon, as a young, orphaned chess prodigy, on her journey to be an exceptional chess player whilst also dealing with emotional issues, alcohol, and drug addiction. The series title refers to the same-named chess opening. The story starts in the mid-20th century and continues to the 1960s. 

The Umbrella Academy

An American superhero series centers around a weird family of foster siblings with superpowers gathered to uncover the secrets of the dad’s passing and the danger of an impending apocalypse. The show is full of suspense and dark humor, with every character playing their role perfectly! The stats show that 45 million people streamed the show in the first month of its release. That is one big success of the show. So, what is stopping you?

Dead to me

The show portrays the beautiful friendship among two women united by the mutual trauma that they faced. Jen struggled through her husband’s death in the last 3 months and Judy with her fiancé’s death. They met in the support group and clicked immediately as their personalities had a spark. With Judy shifting to Jen’s house and getting along with everyone, the twists and turns of the show take a turn with the secrets revealing to their faces. The suspense and dark comedy will keep you stuck with the show! 


There are a hundred series to watch on Netflix and the best new shows to stream right now with autumn falling on us! Unblock Netflix movies and plays with a Netflix unblocked using VeePN to enjoy the ultimate fun and thrill without missing out on any season with the hype around the internet! 

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