Netflix unveils heart-pumping trailer for K-drama ‘Queenmaker’

Itziar Morte

Published on:

Netflix has shared the official teaser for its upcoming political K-drama series “Queenmaker”. The series follows the story of Hwang Do-hee, played by “The World of the Married” actress Kim Hee-ae, who is the former head of major conglomerate Eunsung Group’s strategy planning office. Hwang is trying to convince human rights lawyer Oh Seung-sook, played by “Life” actress Moon So-ri, to run for the position of Mayor of Seoul. However, she soon flashes back to a conversation she had with her old boss, Son Young-sim, played by “Rookie Cops” actress Seo Yi-sook, where she was told to ensure that Baek Jae-min, played by Ryu Soo-young, becomes the mayor. The trailer showcases Hwang sharing her experience with Oh and teaching her the same tricks of the trade. The series also stars Kim Tae-hoon, Ok Ja-yoon, and veteran actor Lee Geung-young. “Queenmaker” will premiere exclusively on Netflix on April 14.

In other Netflix K-drama news, the streaming platform has announced the premiere date for its upcoming sci-fi series “Black Knight”. The series stars “Our Blues” actor Kim Woo-bin as ‘5-8’, a legendary deliveryman in a dystopian Korea that has been devastated by severe air pollution.

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